Hand Up Project


Working To Break The Cycle of Homelessness

The Team

Board of Directors, President

 ​ Mr. Rasmussen received a bachelor's degree in business administration from the University of Portland in 1977.  He was a USAF officer during 1977-1989, during which time he attained substantial budgeting skills to upgrade dormitories, dining halls, and later performed construction planning and programming for the hardening of combat facilities.   Ron also chaired the Vancouver Mall Neighborhood Association (1997-2003) in Vancouver WA and thus was instrumental in upgrading parks, and adding streetlights and traffic signals.  He also participates in the Portland Stand-down each year (2011- to present), which is a one-day event to help disadvantaged veterans. 

Board of Directors, Vice-President

  Mr. Whitaker’s career encompasses a background in banking and branch management as well as years of working in human resources, payroll, office management, network administration, facility and staff management.  Mike has a passion for advocacy for the plight of the homeless and disenfranchised.  In his spare time Michael volunteers regularly at the People’s Pantry food pantry.

Board Of Directors, Secretary

Gregg Griffin, PSS THW    Insurance Navigator
  Mr. Griffin has over 20 years working in Healthcare and Healthcare IT. Gregg holds a graduates degrees in Healthcare Information Systems and International Hospital Finance.  He works as a volunteer with several agencies to help bring healthcare and housing to those misplaced.  

Board of Directors, Treasurer

  Ms. Cleveland holds an associate’s degree in Phycology and has always lead a life of service.  Her career includes decades of retail management and customer service.  She has kicked off, managed and maintained several food pantries over the past 35 years.  Ms. Cleveland continues her passion to help the disenfranchised with her work with The Hand Up Project providing peer support to those in need.